Minority Business Enterprise Certification

Get your MBE Certification

And watch your Fleet and Commercial sales opportunities grow.

If you want access to top companies looking for supply-chain diversity, here’s your entry point: the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). As a National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) member, you will be in the unique position to promote and market your services to prospective corporate buyers who are looking to build relationships with trusted minority-owned businesses. If your company wants to connect with private-sector buyers, NMSDC certification is considered the platinum standard in diverse supplier usage and can improve financial performance.

Standard Services

The 23 NMSDC Affiliate Regional Councils will provide the following services for MBEs without additional charge:

  • Certification process
  • Post-certification briefing
  • Inclusion in and access to NMSDC Central
  • Discounted fees for registration at NMSDC national events
  • Eligibility for participation in NMSDC development programs
  • Advocacy for minority-owned businesses

Enhanced Services

An Affiliate Regional Council may offer certain services, subject to availability, to certified MBEs for no additional cost. These services will vary throughout the network and may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Industry Groups and Committees
  • RFPs/Business Leads/Alerts for procurement opportunities from corporate members
  • eNewsletters and Calendar of Events
  • Webinars and Educational programs
  • Networking Events

What are the criteria to apply for MBE Certification? — All of the following are required:

  • Minorities must own and control at least 51.0% of the business
  • Minority owner(s) must serve as President or CEO (if both positions exist)
  • Minority owner(s) must be active in daily management
  • Minority owner(s) must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident
  • Minority owner(s) must have the ownership and officer position for at least 6 months

How is “ownership” established? — Ownership is established through the documents uploaded with your application. One of the following is required, depending on the legal organization of the applicant business:

  • 100% of the assets of a sole proprietorship
  • At least 51.0% of the equity interests in a partnership
  • At least 51.0% of each of the classes of voting stock and 51.0% of the aggregate of all stock outstanding determined by the percentage that would be distributed to the Minorities if the corporation was liquidated
  • At least 51.0% of the membership interests in a limited liability company

How is “control of the business” established? — A Minority has control of the business if she / he is the final decision maker for all aspects of the business — financial, production, contracting, etc. — or she / he may have delegated that authority to an employee manager or another partial owner. A primary indication that a Minority actively participates in the management and has control of the business is that she / he meets one of the following criteria:

  • 100% of the control of a sole proprietorship
  • At least 51.0% of the control of a general partnership
  • A Minority owner is the general partner (or the managing general partner if there is more than one general partner) of a limited partnership or limited liability partnership
  • A Minority is the sole manager, able to appoint unconditionally the majority of managers of a manager-managed LLC or has 51.0% control of a member-managed LLC

Is the re-certification paperwork as involved as the original certification application? — No, it is much easier. Unless there has been a significant change in your business, very little paperwork is required.

To apply for your certification, visit: http://www.nmsdc.org/