Leadership Message

“MDD is Changing the Face of Automotive Retail.”

Carlos A. Latour

Director – Dealer Diversity Relations

For years, GM has been a recognized diversity leader in retail automotive. In 1972, GM was the first OEM to sponsor a program for developing African American, Asian, Hispanic and Native American minorities as dealers. GM Minority Dealer Development remains the most comprehensive program of its kind among all automakers.

The importance of diversity cannot be overstated. Data shows that companies with diverse workforces are 35 percent more profitable than the industry mean. They are also more successful at innovation, recruiting, customer service and growing market share. Many of GM’s minority dealers are among the most successful in our network.

Building a global culture of diversity is a GM business imperative. As a company, we are becoming more diverse day by day. But fully leveraging the power of diversity requires taking the step from diversity to inclusion. The difference? Inclusion is diversity in action.

Inclusion is the centerpiece of MDD. That means giving everyone a seat at the table, not simply growing our numbers. It means listening to and learning from dealers of all backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and walks of life. Our goal is to provide every individual the opportunity to fully engage in our business and reach their fullest potential.

I am grateful to the more than 40 years of work that has been done by MDD to create a GM network that is inviting to both minority men and women—not just as dealers, but in all sales, service and management careers. The tools and training we provide helps ensure the success of minorities throughout the automotive industry.

MDD is changing the face of retail automotive and it’s critical for GM to connect with the changing face of America to succeed in winning customers for life. I invite you all to get involved with MDD and I ask that you take an active role in fostering an inclusive culture that nurtures and respects the unique beliefs, talents and capabilities of our diverse network. To win in the marketplace, we need everyone’s voice to be heard.

“I am a firm believer that diversity and inclusion are critical components to the success of any large organization.”

Mark Rainey

Director – Diversity Dealer Development

As GM Director of Diversity Dealer Development, I am honored to have the opportunity to help lead our Minority Dealer Development efforts. In this role, I enjoy working with all of GM’s business partners to continue building on the successes of this industry leading program.

I am a firm believer that diversity and inclusion are critical components to the success of any large organization. The retail automotive world is no exception. The owners, management and staff representing retail products and services provided at dealerships should be prepared to cater to the needs of the diverse consumers where they operate. No one understands this more than our successful MDD members.

GM’s Candidate Development Program and Motors Holding finance arm are key tools to help identify and assist the best candidates who desire GM dealer ownership opportunities. Increasing the number of minority owned dealerships in GM’s dealer network is not an easy task, but with the support of GM’s executive leadership, I’m confident that we can not only deliver the desired results, but also strengthen the performance of our dealer network with qualified candidates in MDD.

GM remains a leader in the recruitment and development of minority dealer candidates and has transparent processes to keep dealer diversity top of mind. My goal is to lead the charge and help GM become the carmaker of choice for multicultural consumers by increasing the number of multicultural dealer operators and owners in the GM dealer network.

“Thanks to GM’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, we’re poised to increase the number of minority dealers and employees in every retail position.”

David Ferraez

Chairperson Co-Chair — Minority Dealer Advisory Council

The numbers tell the story. Multicultural consumers are rapidly becoming the core of the U.S. economy. The GM Minority Dealer Advisory Council is helping dealers capitalize on this historic economic shift by working to increase the number and financial success of GM’s minority dealer network. That includes improving the Retail Sales Index performance of this portfolio.

Thanks to GM’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, we’re in front of this trend and poised to increase the number of minority dealers and employees in every retail position. For more than 40 years, the MDAC has been working with GM’s Dealer Development and VSSM leaders to identify opportunities that will grow our numbers, maximize profitability and create a level playing field for everyone involved in our business.

One of our goals – and one that’s particularly close to my heart – is supporting sustainable, multigenerational businesses. Through working with the MDD, I’m blessed to have a family business that’s capable of sustaining our family for years to come.

To help identify and fill the dealer pipeline with qualified minority candidates, MDD is partnering with a variety of like-minded organizations that support our same diversity goals. For example, we’ve teamed with Northwood University to provide internships for minority students at minority-owned GM dealerships. Through this pilot program, minority students will have an opportunity to learn about the fulfilling careers available in automotive retail.

As minority dealer, I’m very proud to be part of MDD – to help grow our network by identifying qualified minority candidates and being very hands-on through mentorship and other personal interaction. I’m confident that as our diversity outreach grows, GM will become the carmaker of choice of multicultural customers now and in the future.