Roles and Responsibilities & Eligibility for Nomination

Roles and Responsibilities

The MDAC :

  • Established in 1988 to represent ethnic dealer groups – African-American, Asian, Hispanic and Native American;
  • Communicates the voice of the minority dealer body;
  • Directs prioritized issues to the GM management/Dealer Executive Board;
  • Focuses on a free exchange of ideas, beginning with open access to the highest levels of GM leadership;
  • Works to place minority dealers, improve customer retention and enhance dealership profitability.


Dealer Council Membership Eligibility

  • Dealer must be named on Paragraph THIRD in the GM Sales and Service Agreement and must have been a dealer for a minimum of two years at the time of nomination for the election.
  • Dealer must be active in the daily operation of the dealership.
  • Because of the time required to serve as Council representative, a dealer should carefully consider his/her own situation, particularly:
    • Willingness to represent all minority dealers;
    • Articulate all GM minority dealers and candidate concerns;
    • The financial performance and Dealership Performance Scores (DPS) of his/her dealership(s).

Dealers who are not profitable or who are in a performance improvement program as it relates to minimum standards under the Dealer Sales and Service Agreement will not be eligible to serve on the Council.