MDD dealers play a key role in attracting students to the GM Minority Dealer Development Scholarship program. Your job is to encourage candidates to self-nominate! By helping minority students become aware of the program, you could be making a difference in someone’s life.

Send interested candidates to these resources:
Selection Process
Apply Here (U.S. Application)

Encourage participation in the Scholarship program:

  • Meet with:
    • Students
    • Teachers
    • Employees
  • For ideas, resources and support, partner with:
    • Educators
    • Administrators
    • Local civic groups
  • Work with:
    • High school Automotive Vocational programs
    • High school guidance counselors
    • Junior Achievement
    • Your local Chamber of Commerce
    • Local auto enthusiast clubs


Questions regarding the program or how you can get more involved?

Contact the Scholarship Program Headquarters:
CMS Foundation – GM MDD Scholarship Program