Named Scholarship



There’s a new way for dealers to get involved in the MDD Drive to Succeed Scholarship at the grassroots level—the Named Dealership Scholarship.

The Named Dealership Scholarship allows GM dealers to establish one or more $500 scholarships in their own name. With that comes the opportunity to promote the scholarship in your community with your dealership’s name—front and center—and linking it with the nationally recognized GM Minority Dealer Development Scholarship.

As in years past, the Named Dealership Scholarship allows dealers to work with local educators, students and employees to publicize the program and nominate qualified candidates. It’s a great way to demonstrate your dedication to education and to increasing the number of minority candidates working in the car and truck business.

It’s simple to start your own Named Dealership Scholarship:

  • First, establish one $500 fund per named scholarship. The dealer may donate the lump sum or ask for the assistance of vendors and other business partners. A letter requesting vendor contributions has been prepared for your use in the toolkit – U.S. toolkit.
  • Next, connect with vocational schools, colleges, high schools and local educational foundations. You might find programs in your community you can leverage for ideas, resources and promotion. There’s no need to recreate the wheel. Just be sure to make your program your own: A grassroots extension of the Minority Dealer Development Scholarship.
  • Don’t forget to include your own employees in the program by communicating with them directly and explaining their eligibility. This can increase employee enthusiasm and even retention at your dealership.
  • Promote the Named Scholarship program throughout your community with media, civic organizations, minority groups and students using your social media, advertising and dealership signage. Recruit others to help spread the word as well. We’ve included a list of suggestions to publicize the scholarship with a variety of audiences within the toolkit – U.S. toolkit.
  • Work with your regional field representatives to help in every way—carry the message, generate nominations and solicit funds. We’re sending material to the field as well so they’ll be prepared to jump in with both feet.
  • Develop a mentor relationship with your scholarship recipient as proximity allows (face-to-face or long distance). This includes such areas as educational progress and career planning. Feel free to establish academic standards and training requirements. Accountability is a gift you can provide—in addition to tuition assistance—that will last a lifetime.
  • When the winners are announced, you have yet another opportunity to promote the program throughout your community, with employees and customers.

To learn more about the program and promoting it, go to the Drive to Succeed Scholarship toolkit the toolkit – U.S. toolkit.