WDAC Subcommittees

The Women’s Dealer Advisory Council (WDAC) represents the interests of GM women dealers and women dealer management staff to the National Dealer Council and GM leadership; drive focus on the quality, profitability, growth and retention of the women’s dealer network; and plays a strategic role in GM’s efforts to grow its market share among women buyers.

WDAC Subcommittees will be established on an “as- needed” basis. Each WDAC member is expected to serve on at least one subcommittee, as needed, during the term of office. Non-WDAC members can serve on subcommittees.

Goal: To drive focus on the profitability and retention of the women’s dealer network.
Champions: Lori Davis/Celeste Briggs

PROCESS (Network Governance)
Goal: To memorialize all WDAC processes and procedures.
Champion: Christa Luna

WRN SCHOLARSHIP (Network Growth)
Goal: To increase women’s consideration and pursuit of careers in Automotive Retail.
Champion: Lisa Rebowe
Members: Marianne Ballas, John Laubenstein (CMS), Celeste Briggs

COMMUNICATIONS (Network Engagement)
Goal: To raise awareness, interest, participation and sense of community among GM women dealers, executives and general managers.
Champions: Mary Jo Wheeler/Celeste Briggs

Goal: To play a strategic role in GM’s marketing efforts to grow market share among women buyers.
Champions: Marianne Ballas/Celeste Briggs