Resources at Your Fingertips

MDD is dedicated to helping minority dealerships grow a performance driven, customer-focused and profitable dealer network with the following available resources:

Profit Opportunity Program & Market Plus Analytics

A one-on-one analysis primarily used to show immediate dealership opportunity through Sales, Fixed, and F & I departments. 

Exclusive Drive Growth Webinars

A deeper dive into the unique online tool that helps dealers uncover powerful insights that can lead to strategic sales growth. 

Fixed and Variable Operations Training Forums

Mini Training sessions on growing and identifying opportunities in variable and fixed operations in an effort to increase profits. 

Dealer Awards and Recognition Program

An Annual Award program and ceremony designed to recognize the achievements of dealers who are described as Elite Performers and Top Performers. 

Dedicated Website for GM MDD Dealers

Website designed specifically for MDD dealers and candidates to keep you in the know for everything dealer related. 

Exclusive AutoConnect Newsletter

Quarterly newsletter that highlights GM MDD dealers as well as provide valuable information. 

Exclusive membership into the NADA 20 Group.

MDD dealers also gain an exclusive membership into the GM sponsored NADA 20 Group. This group is specifically designed for the GM Minority Dealer Development program and has a successful track record of growing and maintaining a strong, profitable dealer network.  This program encourages dealers to connect with other members of GM MDD to share best practices, find innovative solutions, and increase dealership performance in key areas.

To learn more about how NADA 20 Group can help your dealership, click here.

GM MDD 20 Groups Overview:
  • A group is comprised of non-competing GM dealerships of similar new and used vehicle sales volume, as determined by NCM and GM (“non-competing” refers to ownership and geographic proximity criteria)
  • GM MDD provides specific bylaws for dealers to adhere to that regulate participation in the financial composite, meeting attendance, and general conduct
  • Group size may range from 15 to 30 dealerships; a minimum of 15 dealers is required
  • Dealers elect a Chairman to a one-year term to oversee group administration
  • GM MDD and 20 Groups determine their bi-annual meeting locations and dates (Winter/Summer)

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